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Junior SJSU Judo Camp a Success in Mid-June

From June 15 to June 19, a group of Junior judoka gathered at SJSU to learn from head coach Shintaro Nakano and guest coach Kousuke Tanaka from Tsukuba University. They trained 3 times a day, 2 sessions with instruction and drilling in the morning and afternoon, and one joint training session with the SJS University team. They had the opportunity to do randori with the student-athletes, and the student-athletes gave back to the local community by assisting with instruction and running warm ups, stretching and cool downs. Below are some photos thanks to Sensei Henry Kaku and Ms. Lynn Thursby. The large photo at the bottom contains a link to SJB judoka and photographer Arik Dao who shared photos from the camp on his website. Take a look and feel free to submit your own photos if you attended the camp. Thank you to Danny Kikuchi, Vaughn and Phyllis Imada, Coaches Shintaro and Kousuke, and the SJSU Judo team led by Mr. Yosh Uchida. The camp was a great success, and hopefully next year’s will be even better.

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