Training at SJSU

San Jose Judo Practice at their new facility

SJSU enjoys having alumni, non-SJSU students, and visitors from around the world. For safety and liability reasons, anyone who wishes to train at SJSU must follow certain steps. Below are some options with links to information that will help make a visit to SJSU Judo a positive experience.

Short-Term Visitors

For athletes who plan to come to only a few training sessions or open mat practices, a waiver must be completed, signed, and given to our team manager. As long as this waiver is in our records, occasional visits to the SJSU dojo are welcome. 

Long-Term Visitors

For athletes who plan on coming regularly to the daily, team practices for a semester’s worth of time, it is necessary to enroll in Open University. This is a program that allows anyone to enroll in certain courses without being a part-time or full-time student. All the information required to register as an Open University student can be found online. The basic breakdown of fees results in $396 for the single unit class, plus possible course fees issued by the University and a late add fee of $45 if the class is added after the specified enrollment period. 

Step 1 is to visit our dojo and make sure you and your coach have obtained approval from the SJSU Judo coaches to be on the mat.
You can also reach out via the SJSU Judo Facebook page.

Step 2 is to obtain the class (course) number and permission code to enroll in the class (KIN 52C – Competitive Judo). This is provided on the first day of instruction in the Fall semester.

Step 3 is to enroll in MySJSU, the scheduling program for all students at SJSU. Once your account is set up on MySJSU, add the class to your shopping cart.

Step 4 is to pay the fees either online or at the SJSU Bursars Office located at the Student Services Center on 9th Street and San Fernando (there is an extra fee for those who pay online). The University has a link with complete instructions and resources for registering for Open University. 

Prospective Students

If you are considering becoming a student at SJSU, whether you are a first time freshman, transfer student, international student, or graduate student, we have links for you! Check out our Applying to SJSU page.