SJSU Team History

In 1946, Mr. Yosh Uchida founded the San José State Judo Team. Since then, the program has transformed into the top USA National Training Center on the West Coast.

Many of the national tournaments originated in San Jose, such as the AAU National Championships in 1953, as well as the High School Championships in the late ’60s, and the U.S. Open in 1979. For several years, the SJS Judo team has dominated at the National Collegiate Championships and produced several Olympic and World Class athletes.

In 1975, women began to train at the SJSU dojo, and they set a precedent for female athletes in the years to come. SJSU has been lucky enough to welcome and train with judoka from all over the world. Senseis, athletic trainers, and athletes have shared their knowledge and expertise, promoting and improving judo in the San Jose area. Each decade has brought new faces, champions, and ideas to the mat. With more students and a brand new dojo, this decade looks to be just as promising.