Applying to SJSU

To be a part of the SJSU Judo Team, you must first be enrolled as a student or through Open University.
Below are a few links that will help you through this process!


If you are a High School Senior, have recently graduated high school, or have no college credit; you will need to enroll as an Incoming Freshman. Please take a look at the California state admission requirements to see if you are eligible. Admission Requirements – Incoming Freshmen


If you already have some college credit and would like to transfer to SJSU, please follow the link for Transfer Students to see if you are eligible to transfer to SJSU. Admission Requirements – Transfer Students


If you live outside of the United States, please look over the requirements for International Students. Admission Requirements – International Students


If you already have a degree and would like to pursue a Master’s Degree, you can find that information at the Graduate Admissions Page. Admission Requirements – Graduate Students


If the options above do not fit your needs, consider applying for Open University. This option might work for you if:

-You are enrolled in a high school nearby and would like to train with the team on a regular basis
-You have already completed a Bachelor’s degree and do not wish to pursue another
-You are enrolled in a different college but wish to train with SJSU

How to Apply – Open University

Just want to visit and train? Check out our visitors’ page to learn more!