Future Student Judoka

If you are looking at this page, you may have already asked yourself, “Why come to SJSU Judo?”

Nowhere else in the nation can you receive a good education, train as a full time athlete, and experience the feeling of genuine team spirit. For over 70 years, the SJSU dojo has been called home by champions and Olympians, as well as graduates, doctors, and CEO’s. Their legacy is an elite training center where a new generation of athletes can prepare themselves mentally and physically for their future.

Head coach Mr. Yoshihiro Uchida has always stressed the importance of education, discipline, strong work ethic, and community. It is with these ideas in mind that the student-athletes of SJSU have proceeded to accomplish great things both on and off the mat.

At SJSU, we have an incredible network of Alumni who contribute their time, effort, and money to support our judoka. The SJSU dojo is packed on Friday nights with the San Jose judo community from local junior athletes to notable alumni like Olympic Bronze Medalist Marti Malloy, Olympian Keith Nakasone, and 4x Olympian and World Champion Mike Swain. We receive care from top doctors like Dr. Robert Nishime, team physician for San Jose State University Athletics, and the San Francisco 49ers. Our coaches and mentors focus on strong tachiwaza and newaza techniques as well as a solid foundation for strength and conditioning.

San Jose State has a truly unique judo team that has become a family over the years. It is a place where athletes create lifelong bonds through hard work on the mat. It is a place where dreams are transformed and champions are made. More than anything, it is a dojo with a legacy of diversity that is open to aspiring judoka. Become a part of that legacy and contact one of our coaches today.