How to join the SJSU Judo Team 🥋

If you are interested in joining the SJSU judo team, it is important to keep in mind that we are an independent program within the University as well as a one-unit PE class! Which means we fund much of our own expenses, but also emphasize academics just as much as training.

Here are some tips for anyone interested in joining the Judo Team:

1. Come visit us! The best way to understand what we do is to attend one of our practices. For local athletes, we hold Open Mat on Fridays from 5:30 to 7:30 PM in YUH 208 on campus. For athletes who live further away, we are more than happy to work with you and arrange a time for you to train and stay in San Jose. It is VERY important that you contact the coaches ahead of time and inform them of when you will be visiting the dojo. For any questions, click on “Contact Us” or shoot us a message on the SJSU Judo Facebook Page.

2. Apply! For interested student-athletes, apply to SJSU through CSUMentor the year BEFORE you plan to attend school. This is a website that processes all application information for the California State University system. They send your application information to any of the CSU schools of your choice. Make an account, fill out the information, and send it to SJSU through this online system. Be sure to check ahead of time about application deadlines, as well as if there are any prerequisite tests and documents needed.

For incoming freshmen, be sure to maintain your MYSJSU account and check constantly for updates. The University’s main channel of communication is through that account. It is important to turn in documents, applications, and fees on time. Most of the information regarding academics will be sent to you through this account.

If you have been accepted and are interested in training with us, be sure to enroll in the class. SJSU Judo is considered a one-unit class in the Kinesiology Department. Based on your level, you can enroll in Beginner (KIN 52A), Intermediate (KIN 52B), or Competitive Judo (KIN 52C). Be sure to plan your class schedule accordingly. Note that to be a full-time student (therefore, eligible to represent SJSU Judo at the Collegiate Nationals) you must have a minimum of 12 units. Also, if you train with the Beginner and Intermediate Classes, you will have opportunities later on to train with the Competitive team.

If you are not interested or able to study at SJSU but would still like to train with us you can enroll in Open University. We have many athletes who live and work in the San Jose area and join us for practices throughout the week. It is important to be enrolled in Open University because of liability issues with regard to the University. San Jose Staté University’s Open University (OU) program allows students from outside the university to enroll in university courses on a space-available basis and gain college credit.

3. Contact us! Please feel encouraged to email, call, or approach us at tournaments. Our main coaches are Yoshihiro Uchida, Mike Swain, Kosuke Tanaka, Marti Malloy, and Keith Nakasone. They are a great resource for finding out information about possible future training in San Jose.

Lastly, communicate with us! If you are interested in SJSU Judo and want to study at SJSU, we would like to be aware of your interest so that we can assist you in any way possible.