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Spartan Judo Spring Update

It’s been a busy month, and it’s only going to get busier in the SJSU dojo. This past week, SJSU held a training camp for the 2015 Panam Team members. Although the entire team could not attend, many of the 2012 Olympians like Kayla Harrison, Travis Stevens, and Nick Delpopolo, as well as other top national athletes, flew out to California for some good weather and good judo. The Panamerican Games will be held from April 24th to April 26th in Edmonton, Canada. Although our guests have returned home, Coach Marti Malloy and Team Captain Colton Brown will continue training for the next few weeks approaching the tournament. Alongside them, the rest of the team will be training hard for the Collegiate Nationals, which will be held at West Point next week. Below is a picture of the last practice of the training camp.


Also, Marti appeared in this week’s Spartan Daily newspaper and blog. The Spartan Daily published a collection of profiles on the great variety of students at SJSU. The article talks about Marti’s tough training regimen at the new Yoshihiro Uchida Hall, her journey from Whidbey Island to SJSU, and her goals for her judo future. The paper highlights her accomplishments not only on the mat, but also off the mat; she graduated on the Dean’s list in 2010 with an undergrad degree in Advertising, and is a current graduate student of Mass Communications at SJSU. Read the full article here and watch her video online here or in the link below.

Spartan Daily

Lastly, look out for updates from the Scholastic National Championships held in Texas this weekend. This is a major tournament where junior athletes Daniel Luz, Anthony Igne, Lenny Guerrero-Baez, Jack Hatton, and Jacob Baker will be competing for a spot on the Junior World team, which will be held in Abu Dhabi in October. Their draws for tomorrow are listed here. Go Spartans!