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Junior SJSU Judo Camp a Success in Mid-June

From June 15 to June 19, a group of Junior judoka gathered at SJSU to learn from head coach Shintaro Nakano and guest coach Kousuke Tanaka from Tsukuba University. They trained 3 times a day, 2...

SJSU Judo Team BBQ

The SJSU Judoka celebrated the end of a great year at Mr. Uchida’s House with the annual Team BBQ. The team really enjoyed taking time away from finals to be together. The freshman did a...

Spartan Judo Spring Update

It’s been a busy month, and it’s only going to get busier in the SJSU dojo. This past week, SJSU held a training camp for the 2015 Panam Team members. Although the entire team could...

2015 Panam Team Members train at SJSU

This week has been packed with lots of people and lots of randori. A few of the 2015 Panam team members flew out to San Jose to test the new dojo and train for this week. The Panam Games will be...

2015 High School Meet at SJSU

This past weekend, high school students from the Bay Area and Washington State gathered to compete in a friendly dual meet at the SJSU dojo. After warming up, bowing in, and witnessing some...

Women’s Judo victorious at NYAC

After a long week in Tblisi, the USA girls, including SJSU coach Marti Malloy, returned to the NYAC to compete in the New York Open Team tournament. The NYAC is one of the oldest athletic clubs...

San Jose State Judo

Welcome to the San Jose State Judo Team Website. Over the last 60 years, our dojo has become a home for elite-level student and a national training center run by an extremely knowledgable and experienced coaching staff. The SJS team has produced athletes who have won countless Collegiate Championships, competed in various National and International competitions, and become leaders in United States Judo. We pride ourselves on developing well-rounded young men and women who continue on to become successful leaders and role models in Judo and in their community.

The San Jose State Judo Team

The long history of the San Jose State Judo team has been leading the way in United States Judo for over 60 years.
We continue to grow our community, practice and strive in our winning tradition.