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Spring Semester Update

As usual, the SJSU Judoka have been keeping busy. With finals, work, and other fun tournaments coming up (ahem ahem RIO), everyone at the dojo has been antsy, trying to keep up with everything before summer hits and the Olympic anthem starts blaring from all the televisions...

Countdown to SJBJC Tournament!

The countdown has begun: our sister dojo, SJB Judo Club will be hosting the 68th SJBJC Invitational and 24th Sensei Memorial Tournament on February 14, 2016. Make sure to register online here. Information regarding regular/satellite weigh-ins, regulations, and tournament schedule...

Japanese Exchange Students: Opportunities at SJSU Judo

Contact Info:  日本語メール先:sjsujudo@gmail.com  For more info: Click Here San Jose State Judo has a very rich history of collaboration with judoka from around the world. We receive visitors every year hailing from other continents and other countries. The uniting passion for judo...

Golf Tournament

The SJSU Judo Annual Golf Tournament was a wonderful event that gathered sponsors, alumni, coaches, and student together for one day to recognize the enduring SJSU Judo program. Students worked at the holes all day long serving drinks, playing cards, delivering materials via golf...

SJSU Judo Photos

Thank you to Arik Dao for donating his time and taking fantastic pictures of the SJSU Judo Team. Check out the photos here.

Saturday Conditioning

Usually, our Saturday mornings are spent in the weight room and in the dojo. This week, however, the team decided to make the trek down to Santa Cruz. S&C trainer Ashoka McCormick ran a tough work out of hill sprints, followed by some active recovery at Panther Beach. Check...

Final Promotion this past Friday night.

This past Friday night, Colton Brown was finally awarded his certificate for yondan. He was part of the group of students who graduated this past semester and also received promotions as a result of the Higher Education and Judo Promotion Program. Mr. Uchida was excited to...

Golf Tournament Update

The Golf Tournament preparations have begun and October 9th is less than a month away. If you have not received a brochure, or would like to find more information, click on the link and find out more about this upcoming event. It is one of the few fundraising events that SJSU has...

Marti Fights TONIGHT!

The World Championships are finally here. In just a few hours, 57 kg and 73 kg judoka will be waking up in the zone, ready to fight for a world title in Astana, Kazakhstan. Marti will be starting off her morning (our evening) with a bye, and fighting her way through Pool B to...